Motion Visual Identification and Website designs of my undergrad school  2011


For School of Communication in East China Normal University (ECNU)  


Logo Generator ( Flash )

We chose 40 color to let people get a veriaty of combination of their personal unique School Logo, which will be printed on their T-shirsts.

Motion Visual Identification




The outline of word C represents the initial of "Communication" and stands for Creativity and Collaboration as well.

While the word C is rotating, it looks like light disk or video tape, implying the subject of media and digital in our school.

Every student and faculty can have diversified choices and capture of this logo, who will become the "redesigner" of it. Thus, the logo not only easy to identify but also make people in our school participate in it, which shows the cohesiveness of the school of communication. 


Every student will have his/her unique logo with their prefered colors in our school! 

We will print the logo on their T-shirts, ID cards.



Participant Role


Participate in:

Logo Concept design (Worked with Xie Mengyi)

Responsible for: 

Development and production of flash-based logo

Design, development and production of live websites (All index page and inner page)





Logo Generator:

Illustrator, Flash (Actionscript)



Photoshop, HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery


Website Design, UI/UE, Front-end development



Logo Application Example:


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