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Personal 3D animation    2013

This is my first personal animation short made on the first Semester while I study at department of Visualization in Texas A&M University.


After I finished it, I start to realize the importance of Lighting in a short, which can show up the texture and add a drama touch the whole story!


Response for everything





Maya,    Photoshop,    After Effects

"Jewel of Denial" - Group project     2014

I start to learn and practise lighting from this group project. Althrough I was not doing good at that time, I am getting improved. I relighted the two shots in the reel after I finished this group project.


Lighting Lead





Maya,   Photoshop,   Mari,   Nuke,   Houdini.

"The encounter of Aya and Maya" - Group project    2013

This is the first group project I worked with the students in the Institute of Digital Media Technology led by intructors: Fan Ye, Jie Zhang and Qing Yun Meng.


Responsible for some part of the cloth and hair simulation, brick and collapse shots.




The best 3D animation short in the One Minutes China Awards 2014, 2014


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