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" Mock-3D Web Interface:  Interactive Lighting, Rendering and Shading for 2D artwork " ( WebGL, GLSL )  2016

In this thesis, I developed a web-based tool to allow artists create 3D-looking stylized depictions base on a 2D artwork with complete visual control. The controls mainly include: multiple lights and styles, refraction and reflection effects, and Fresnel control. My controls do not necessarily correspond to underlying physical phenomena, however, they still provided results that are visually similar to 3D realistic rendering.


This approach is using a paintable shape map (which looks like a normal map). Since the shape map is not generated by any 3D model, it can allow obtaining even incoherent and impossible 2D artworks with 3D-looking appearance.


My Fresnel Curve is linearized to be simply controlled by two sliders which can achieve intuitive blending of the results of refraction and reflection effects.

Responsible for

Artistic Shaders (GLSL), Rendering, Compositing and Shading methods,

Front-end development (WebGL), UI/UX interactive design, Responsive interface.

Functions includes:

         All parts of "Basic images", "Lights", "Refraction", "Reflection" and "Diffuse alpha" sections.

         Image uploading system, Slider control system, Adding lights system, 



Instructed by Prof. Ergun Akleman.

Back-end template by Conrad Egan.

Fermi Pramananda Perumal will explore further shader application.



WebGL, GLSL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, LESS, Bootstrap 


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