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Low-carbon Website -"Echo"  ( Student Project )   2010

The subject is selected in the backgroud of 2010 Shanghai EXPO. This website tries to arouse the thinking about the pollution in cities.Combined the interactive game on the home page, low- carbon education is revealed gradually during entertainment.

The website design uses the element of CO2, O2, temperature and tree. They are all related to the subject of low-carbon. 




ECNU Website-building contest, Group 3rd prize


Participate Role


Team leader

working with other 5 sophormore students: Zhengdong Xia, Yuan Fei, Yun Cao, Yu Shen, Whenting Yuan 

Responsible for:

Home page (flash):  All aspects (Concept design, flash, interactive scripts)
Inner pages: Oxygen Animation flash; skeleton design and building   




Flash, Actionscript, HTML

Interactive part 1


Touch CO2, it will blow up and appear from other place - CO2 is always there.



Interactive part 2


Click one of the 3 items on the left:  car, filament lamp or plastic bag   ->   Temperture rises and CO2 increase

Click one of the 3 items on the right:  bike, energy saving lamp or recycling bag   ->   Temperture drops and CO2 decrease



Is this what you want?

Hidden Interactive part 


Repeatly click the items on the left, the world will explode, and the following words appear in screen:

Is this what you want? 


Interaction part demo:

Inner page




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